CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 3 Children and Computers

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CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 3 Children and Computers

Question 1:
Complete the following information about yourself SURVEY ON THE USE OF COMPUTERS

Question 2:
Divide yourselves into groups and collect information on the use of computers from five students each of classes VI, IX and XI. Compile and summarize your answers to the questions above in the following table:
Do it yourself.

Question 3:
Exchange information with another group and record it. Then in groups of four discuss the results of the following:

  • Do boys and girls spend the same amount of time at the computer?
  • Do their tastes and preferences change as they grow older?
  • Are the number of hours spent at the computer/studying at home/leisure/ internet different between boys and girls?
  • Do the number of hours per week spent at the computer/studying at home/ internet/ leisure activities change as students get older?

Do it yourself.

Question 4:
Now listen to two speakers debating on the topic, Education of the Girl Child is a Burden
Do it yourself.

Question 5:
Did you notice the phrases used by debaters to emphasise/negate certain points? Given below are certain expressions that might be used by debaters.
Do it yourself.

Question 6:
Study the following graph and the accompanying report.
Do it yourself.

Question 7:
Now prepare a graph based on the students’ response to the survey you conducted in C2. Then write a report for the newspaper taking the help of B5, C3 and C6 You may follow this pattern:
Do it yourself.

Question 8:
This is a meeting of the school’s Parent Teacher Association. Some student rep-resentatives have also been invited to participate to discuss the role that Infor-mation Technology / Computers play in the growth and development of children.
Do it yourself.

Question 9:
You will now hold an actual class debate on the topic ‘Computers and Children:
A Boon or a Bane’.
In groups of four decide whether your group is FOR or AGAINST the motion. Then draft your debate. Each member of the group must participate in the written as well as the spoken matter. The spoken matter can be divided thus

  • One introduces the topic
  • One discusses points favoring the motion
  • One argues the opponent’s points
  • One concludes

Participant 1: Dear friends, we are here to debate on the topic ‘Computers and Children: ‘A Boon or a Bane’. One of the participants will debate in favor of this topic. Another participant will debate against the topic and the last participant will give the concluding remark.
Participant 2: Computer is the greatest invention after the wheel which has changed the world in a dramatic way. Computer, coupled with internet, is a potent tool to grab as much information as possible.
This helps to increase our knowledge with greater ease. Computer is a good means to get additional knowledge whenever we need while doing our homework or doing our project work. I support this motion that computer is a boon for all of us.
Participant 3: I am of the view that computer is a bane for all of us. Computers are great source of distraction and they hamper our routine study schedule. Most of the websites are full of crap. Many of my friends, I know waste their precious time in chatting with someone or in watching silly videos on ‘You Tube’. There are contents on internet which are inappropriate for our age, yet they are available at the click of a mouse. Therefore, quality textbooks are better in consolidating our knowledge rather than computers.
Participant 4: My two knowledgeable friends have given enough food for thought to us. In the light of their input I have come to certain conclusions. Everything has two facets. Nuclear energy can be used to make power house and the same nuclear energy can be used to destroy civilizations. Similarly, computer is a double edged sword. If used judiciously computers can prove to be a great boon, otherwise it will be a curse.

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