CBSE Class 9 English Workbook Solutions Integrated Grammar Practice 1

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CBSE Class 9 English Workbook Solutions Integrated Grammar Practice 1

Question 1.
Study the given notes and complete the paragraph that follows by filling in the blanks:

Mobile phones — emit electromagneticfield — prolonged exposure — researchneeded — brain illness — cancer memoryloss — evidence — likely to cause — healthscares — press reports — people worryneedlessly.

you expose yourThink about it. Every time you use a mobile phone, (a)_____________ head to electromagnetic emission. Manufacturers (b)___________to prove there is no risk (c)_____________ . Some evidence, so far suggests that mobile phone emissions (d)_________ . These health scares (e)______ . So, people worry needlessly.

(a) (i) he exposes his
(ii) one exposes his
(iii) one exposes one’s

(b) (i) needed
(ii) are needed
(iii) have needed
(iv) need

(c) (i) in brain cancer or memory loss
(ii) from brain cancer or memory loss
(iii) with brain cancer or memory loss
(iv) of brain cancer or memory loss

(d) (i) are likely to cause illness
(ii) are likely for causing illness
(iii) is likely in causing illness
(v) is likely to cause illness

(e) (i) is base on press reports
(ii) have been based on press reports
(iii) are based on press reports
(iv) are being based on press reports


(a) (i) you expose your
(b) (iv) need
(c) (iv) of brain cancer or memory loss
(d) (i) are likely to cause illness
(e) (iii) are based on press reports

Question 2.
Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example:

other species/ human species/the/of/ many/ the/ very existence/ is threatening.
The human species is threatening the very existence of many other species.

  1. of nature/biodiversity/the/is/variety of life forms/interact to support/ that/ and sustain/ balance/ the
  2. consumed/as/grows,/ more and more of / Earth’s/ the / resources/ are/ human population/the
  3. extinction/ crisis / explosive/ an/ consumption / had led / growth and / an
  4. that have/ Earth’s history/ mass extinctions / the/ threatens/ periodically during/ occurred/ the/and to surpass
  5. one everyday/ scientists/ that/ estimate/ rate off species are disappearing/ the / at


  1. Biodiversity is the variety of life froms that interact to support and sustain the balance of nature.
  2. As the human population grows, more and more of the Earth’s resources are consumed.
  3. An explosive growth and consumption had led an extinction crisis.
  4. And the mass extinctions that have occurred periodically during the Earth’s history threatens to surpass.
  5. Scientists estimate that species are disappearing at the rate of one everyday.

Question 3.

Choose one suitable word from the given options to complete the paragraph:

It’s in (a)_____middle of (b)_____night on (c)_____edge of the world. On the fringes of civilization, where man and beast have barely left (d) _____mark, 12 people are sleeping in small nylon tents pitched in the scant shelter of (e)_____mountains. The camp is at (f)_____mercy of the elements, (g)_____are volunteers who have set up camp to help gather (h)_____ information on (i)_____the snow leopard population. These conservationists have had very (j)_____or no scientific training. They, along with (k)_____guides intend to assess (l)_____ snow leopards habitat in (m)_______ Altai region, Siberia.

(a) (i) X
(ii) a
(iii) an
(iv) the

(b) (i) the
(ii) some
(iii) a
(iv) one

(c) (i) a
(ii) an
(iii) the
(iv) X

(d) (i) their’s
(ii) their
(iii) his
(iv) our

(e) (i) a
(ii) X
(iii) the
(iv) some

(f) (i) X
(ii) a
(iii) an
(iv) the

(g) (i) This
(ii) There
(iii) That
(iv) These

(h) (i) some
(ii) few
(iii) X
(iv) a few

(i) (i) X
(ii) a
(iii) an
(iv) the

(j) (i) a little
(ii) few
(iii) some.
(iv) little

(k) (i) there
(ii) their
(iii) they’re
(iv) these

(l) (i) the
(ii) a
(iii) an
(iv) X

(m) (i) an
(ii) a
(iii) X
(iv) the


(a) (iv) the
(b) (iii) a
(c) (iii) the
(d) (ii) their
(e) (ii) X
(f) (iv) the
(g) (iv) There
(h) (iii) some
(i) (i) the
(j) (iv) little
(k) (ii) their
(l) (i) the
(m) (iv) the

Question 4:
Edit the following narrative by choosing the appropriate word from the options given at the end of the paragraph.

(a) Wander along the streets of New York City, my daughters and (b) me stop at shoe stores wherever we (c) happens to be. This is their choice. These women, who as little (d) girl, teetered around the house (e) balances like cranes in my mother’s high heels. I (f) sits on the bench and wait while they try on shoe (g) on shoe readjusting their positions in (h) a mirror, eyes downcast considering their feet. “So?” one of them (i) will ask me. “What do you think of these?” “I love them,” I say about (j) a pairs.

(a) (i) wandered
(ii) wandering
(iii) were wandering
(iv) was wandering

(b) (i) they
(ii) I
(iii) we
(iv) us

(c) (i) happen
(ii) happened
(iii) are happening
(iv) are happened

(d) (i) girls
(ii) woman
(iii) boys
(iv) people

(e) (i) are balancing
(ii) is balancing
(iii) balanced
(iv) balance

(f) (i) sit
(ii) am sitting
(iii) sat
(iv) was sitting

(g) (i) after
(ii) before
(iii) in
(iv) by

(h) (i) that
(ii) the
(iii) their
(iv) x

(i) (i) is asking
(ii) asks
(iii) are asking
(iv) asked

(j) (i) very
(ii) few
(iii) some
(iv) all


(a) (ii) wandering
(b) (ii) I
(c) (i) happen
(d) (i) girls
(e) (i) are balancing
(f) (i) sit
(g) (i) after
(h) (ii) the
(i) (ii) asks
(j) (iv) all.

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