CBSE Class 9 English Workbook Solutions Integrated Grammar Practice 2

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CBSE Class 9 English Workbook Solutions Integrated Grammar Practice 2

Question 1.
Look at the notes given below and complete the paragraph that follows by choosing the correct options from the choices given below. Write the correct options in your answer sheet against the correct blank numbers:

Kalakshetra—cultural academy— preserves—Indian art—founded in 1936—internationally recognized Indian Parliament Act—institution of national importance.

Kalakshetra is a cultural academy dedicated to (a)______ especially Bharathanatyam. The academy (b)____________ Arundale and under her guidance the institution achieved (c)_______ for its unique style and perfection. In 1993 (d)_______ recognized the Kalakshetra foundation as an institution of national importance.

(a) (i) preserving Indian art
(ii) preservation in Indian art
(iii) preserves Indian art
(iv) preserve Indian art

(b) (i) is being founded in 1936 by
(ii) was founded in 1936 by
(iii) has been founded in 1936 by
(iv) founded in 1936 by

(c) (i) internationally recognised
(ii) internationally recognition
(iii) international recognition
(iv) international recognised

(d) (i) an Act of the Indian Parliament
(ii) an Act by Indian Parliament
(iii) an Act in Indian Parliament
(iv) the Act by Indian Parliament


(a) (i) preserving Indian art
(b) (ii) was founded in 1936 by
(c) (iii) international recognition
(d) (i) an Act of the Indian Parliament

Question 2.
Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.

  1. of the owner / a computer virus / that can / infect a / computer / is a program / without the knowledge
  2. can spread / or even a CD / a true virus / through the Internet / or a USB drive
  3. infect / viruses / file system / the network / the host files / corrupting / of
  4. install / anti-virus / many users / known viruses / software that / can detect and eliminate


  1. A computer virus is a program that can infect a computer without the knowledge of the owner.
  2. A true virus can spread through the Internet or even a CD or a USB drive.
  3. Viruses infect the host files, corrupting the network of file system.
  4. Many users install anti-virus software that can detect and eliminate known viruses.

Question 3.
In each sentence four words are underlined. One of them is incorrect. Pick out the incorrect words and write them in the answer space against the correct number:

  1. Music therapy use music to improve the patient’s health.
  2. It is used with individuals of all ages.
  3. It helps in curing a variety of medical problems as substance abuse and aging.
  4. It is also used to improve learning and reduces stress,


  1. use
  2. with
  3. as
  4. reduces

Question 4.
Choose the correct answer and fill in the blanks:

(a) Cars enable you to reach any place you want. ____________ , they pose parking problems in the cities.
(b) I prefer writing __________
(c) He fell ___________ the ladder.
(d) John, as well as his younger brothers, _________ going abroad for further studies.
(e) You’d better take a taxi. ___________ , you’ll arrive late.
(f) It’s not a very good job. _____________ it’s something to start with.

(a) (i) However
(ii) Although
(iii) Despite
(iv) So that

(b) (i) on
(ii) in
(iii) by
(iv) with

(c) (i) on
(ii) out
(iii) of
(iv) off

(d) (i) is
(ii) are
(iii) have
(iv) been

(e) (i) However
(ii) Consequently
(iii) Furthermore
(iv) Otherwise

(f) (i) Besides
(ii) Moreover
(iii) On the other hand
(iv) But


(a) (i) However
(b) (ii) in
(c) (iv) off
(d) (i) is
(e) (iv) Otherwise
(f) (iv) But

Question 5.
Complete the following passage by choosing the correct option. The first one has been done as an example:

Martin Cooper, (a) _______ a Motorola researcher and executive, is widely (b) _______ to be the inventor (c)_______ the first mobile phone in 1973. There are (d) _______ categories of mobile phones (e)_______ from basic phones and feature phones (f)______ as music phones, camera phones to smart phones. The (g)_________commonly used data application on mobile phones (h)______ text messaging. Mobile phones generally (i)_______power from batteries which (j)_______ be recharged. The use of cellphones (k)_________ while driving as a safety measure.

(a) (i) an
(ii) the
(iii) a
(iv) X

(b) (i) consider
(ii) considered
(iii) considering
(iv) have considered

(c) (i) for
(ii) of
(iii) as
(iv) off

(d) (i) many
(ii) few
(iii) much
(iv) more

(e) (i) are ranging
(ii) ranging
(iii) range
(iv) ranges

(f) (i) some
(ii) like
(iii) such
(iv) similar

(g) (i) much
(ii) more
(iii) most
(iv) many

(h) (i) is
(ii) are
(iii) has been
(iv) being

(i) (i) obtain
(ii) is obtaining
(iii) obtaining
(iv) obtained

(j) (i) would
(ii) can
(iii) may
(iv) should

(k) (i) ban
(ii) was banned
(iii) banning
(iv) is banned


(a) (iii) a
(b) (ii) considered
(c) (ii) of
(d) (i) many
(e) (ii) ranging
(f) (iii) such
(g) (iii) most
(h) (i) is
(i) (i) obtain
(j) (ii) can
(k) (iv) is banned.

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