CBSE Class 9 English Workbook Solutions Unit 3 Future Time Reference

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CBSE Class 9 English Workbook Solutions Unit 3 Future Time Reference

Question 1.
Read these sentences from the story:

  1. We will go to the old man.
  2. I will open my hands.
  3. It will fly away.
  4. I will crush the butterfly.


Question 2.
Look at sentences in Column A. Match them with the appropriate explanation in Column B.

1. Next Friday is the
29th of May.
a. emphasizing that something
will happen very soon
2. I’ll have left by the
time you get here.
b. making a promise
3. I’m visiting my
uncle on Sunday.
c. predicting that some­thing
will be true at a given time in the future
4. I’ll send the photo­graphs
as soon as I can.
d. stating something
which is a certainty
5. The lesson is about
to start… hurry!
e. reporting a decision
made earlier
6. The population of
our country will increase
in the next ten years.
f. making a prediction
about future events


  1. — d
  2. — c
  3. — e
  4. — b
  5. — a
  6. — f

Question 3.
Look at the following pictures/diagrams. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate sentence/phrase, using suitable future time reference. The first one has been done for you as an example:
English Workbook Class 9 Solutions Unit 3 Future Time Reference 1
English Workbook Class 9 Solutions Unit 3 Future Time Reference 2
English Workbook Class 9 Solutions Unit 3 Future Time Reference 3


  1. Aarti is going to be a biologist when she grows up.
  2. The only bus in the afternoon is going to leave at 15-15.
  3. He is going to visit the doctor at 9 am on He is going to visit Hari at 1 pm on Tuesday. He is going to see his tutor at 5 pm on Wednesday.
  4. Karnika promises she is going to meet him.
  5. The airplane is about to take off.
  6. Doctor to patient:
    Don’t worry, you are going to get well soon.

Question 4.
Simple Present and Present Continuous
Mr. Madan is going on tour next week. Look at his itinerary

Mr. MadanTour of North India and Nepal
Mon7thMumbai 0630 Peace
Delhi 0830
Tues8thDelhi 0730 Cultural
Agra 1030
Wed9thAgra 0930 Local
School Head Teacher



Thurs10thVaranasi 0800
Discuss Trade
Patna 1830
Fri11thPatna 1400
Himalayan Project



Sat12thKathmandu 1100Delhi 1400

Describe Mr. Madan’s schedule for next week. Use verbs from the table below.
On Monday the 7th Mr. Madan leaves Mumbai at 06.30 and reaches Delhi at 08.30. That day he is speaking at the Delhi Peace Conference. On Tuesday, the 8th, he departs from Delhi at 07.30 for Agra. He is visiting the Agra Cultural Centre at 10.30. On Wednesday, the 9th, he leaves Agra at 09.30. He is meeting the Head Teacher of a local school in Varanasi at 13.30. On Thursday, the 10th, he leaves Varanasi at 08.00. He is having a discussion with Trade Unions in Patna at 18.30. On Friday, the 11th, he flies to Kathmandu at 14.00. He is attending a Himalayan project in Kathmandu at 17.00. On Saturday, the 12th, he leaves Kathmandu at 11.00. He is returning to Delhi at 14.00.

Question 5.
Will and Shall

Look at this cartoon which shows the difference in the use of present continuous and will to express the future.
It’s Mike’s birthday on January 2nd.
English Workbook Class 9 Solutions Unit 3 Future Time Reference 4

Question 6.
Work in pairs. You and your partner are made in charge of your school. What will you change?
Discuss and then write about the decisions you would make.
Use the various verb forms available for future time reference.
e.g. Now we are in charge of the school, we shall…
Now we are in charge of the-school, we shall make a beautiful plan for the development of our school. We shall maintain discipline in every field. We are going to give much importance to co-curricular activities. It will bring an all-round development in students. We shall co-operate with our teachers in the overall functioning of the school. No student will be allowed to enter if he/she is late.

We shall also give much attention to the school library. There will be a rich variety of books. We shall request our teachers to introduce at least two library periods in a week in every class. This will enhance students’ self-learning capacity. Various clubs and societies will be set up in order to inculcate creativity among the students.

We shall install a charity box at the main gate of the school. The money of this box will be spent on the education of the poor students.

Question 7.
Be the Master of Ceremonies!

The Honey Bee Creative Club of your school is organising an annual cultural programme. You are the compere for the programme. Complete the following details by filling in with suitable modals and phrases. This will help you when you address a large audience.

Good evening, respected principal, teachers and my dear friends. Welcome to the Honey Bee Creative Club Cultural programme. The guest (a)_________ arrive. Many (b)__________presented this evening. We (c)__________ the programme with an invocation. The dancers are (d)__________ entertain you by performing the bhangra. The school choir (e)_________a song on National Integration. The programme (f)__________ with a formal vote of thanks by the principal.

(a) will shortly
(b) items will be
(c) will start
(d) going to
(e) will sing
(f) will end

Question 8.
Future Perfect and Future Continuous

Look at the following sentences
English Workbook Class 9 Solutions Unit 3 Future Time Reference 5
Match words from the different columns to make reasonable predictions. Then write them down in the space below. One has been done as an example.
English Workbook Class 9 Solutions Unit 3 Future Time Reference 6
e.g. In 50 years’ time the ice caps will have melted.


  • In 10 years’ time women will have obtained equal rights with men.
  • In 100 years’ time Europe will have become one country.
  • In 1000 years’ time India will have become the world’s richest country.
  • In 50 years’ time the world’s population will have reached 10 billion.
  • In 10 years’ time China will have sent a person to the moon.
  • In 50 years’ time scientists will have discovered a cure for AIDS.
  • In 1000 years’ time humans will be living on the ocean floor.

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