Challenges to National Integration in India Introduction

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Challenges to National Integration in India


India has always been seen by our historians as a unique example of unity in diversity. In spite of regional, linguistic, religious and ethnic differences dividing India into apparently irreconcilable social groups, we too have found India one and united.


The discrimination on the basis of Caste and class is a major hurdle for National Integration of India. The people engaged in weakening the unity of the country tried desperately to create divisions and rifts in the name of castes, creed and culture.

They succeeded in creating mistrust among the Indians and in tearing the façade of unity.


India has multiple languages. Linguism is yet another major problem for National Integration.

The Indian states have been divided on the basis of linguistic basis. The bad people took advantage of this. Even the people living in one province began feeling alienated from those in other provinces.


In independent India, the forces of disintegration were found engaged in disturbing communal harmony, encouraging caste wars, nurturing separatism and creating rifts between provinces.

Hindus and the Muslims, the Sikhs, the aborigines, the Harijans, the Christians and all those professing different religions, having different creeds and status in the social hierarchy, were made to drift away from one another by the people who wants to disturb communal harmony.


Regionalism is a major challenge to the National Integration of our country. Disintegration is a malady and it is the result of a great hiatus between needs and resources, claims and realities, profession and practice. And it is because of this hiatus that when national unity is vital, the regional separatism flourished all over India.

Social Inequality

The disparity in the socio-economic system, the poverty and ignorance of the majority of Indians and the social injustice meted out to different social groups only help these forces flourish.

Poverty and Ignorance

The victims of poverty and ignorance are unable to see what is good for them. They must first of all be helped to see the design and the sordid game of the people engaged in weakening the country. The strength of the nation lies in the unity and the integration.


When the people are educated enough to get over the influences of impostors, when the economic disparities between classes of people are eliminated, the gulf separating the people would be bridged automatically. The forces of discord and disintegration thrive in economic deprivations and social injustice, and in their absence they die a natural death.

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