Children’s Day Celebration in India Essay

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Children’s Day Celebration in India

Introduction: Children’s Day is celebrated in India on 14th of November. Children’s Day is also a way of celebrating Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s birthday. This is actually a tribute to Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, who loved children so much! He was affectionately called ‘Chacha’ by children.

The main purpose of Children’s day is to make children feel happy! Children enjoy and do many activities on this day.

Significance of Children’s Day: Children’s Day is a day meant for fun, enjoyment and pleasure for children. However, this day also reminds us of numerous children who are deprived / of child rights. Protecting the rights of children is the duty of every citizen. Every child has the right to elementary education. Our constitution has framed various child rights. One of such significant rights is to save child from hazardous employment until the age of 14 years.

When is Children’s Day Celebrated in India? In India, Children’s Day, that is 14th November, is celebrated in various ways.

Popular Ways for Children’s Day Celebration

  • Fairs Various fairs are organized for children.
  • Competitions – Different competitions like dance competition, painting competition, etc. are organized on this day.
  • Trips to Relevant Places – Many schools and even the families arrange interesting trips for children on this day.
  • Parties, Fancy Dress Show, Fashion Shows – Several organizations and schools also arrange parties, fancy dress show and fashion shows for children so that they get to enjoy and have fun on this day!

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