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Christmas is a festival celebrated by Christians, all over the world. The 25th of December is marked by the birth of Jesus Christ, and the day is held in high esteem. While the tradition differs from place to place, the festival is represented by the Christmas tree and the setting up of the crib with Mother Mary & Jesus. The holiday spirit brightens the festival and brings people together to celebrate this occasion. The tree, that is used for Christmas is either a pine tree or a fir tree. Families and friends decorate the tree with lights, bells, and other ornaments. This is meant to add a sense of joy to the household. Singing Christmas carols, visiting relatives, making sweets, and exchanging gifts are all important parts of this festival. People also attend religious services during this time and thank God for blessing them. The colors associated with Christmas are red and green; where red stands for Jesus’ blood and green is meant to depict the evergreen nature of life. Children are told stories about Santa Clause and his elves. They are said to live in the North Pole and work on bringing gifts to children. Values of being obedient and cheerful are passed down through these tales. Here’s a fun fact about Christmas – there are three towns in Georgia, Indiana, and Arizona, in the US, named Santa Claus. Several movies, like the Home Alone series, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and A Christmas Carol, have become a part of the festive season. The story of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, is such that he was made fun of, by the other reindeers because of his unusual nose. But Santa appreciates him and asks him to lead the sleigh. In such a manner, this tale encourages children to be unique and brave. The festival of Christmas is one which is filled with great happiness and is a celebration of Joy. People reflect on their fortune and spread the festive mood.


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