Communication: It’s Meaning and Importance What is Communication? Essay

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Communication: It’s Meaning and Importance

What is Communication?

The word ‘communication’ comes from the Latin word ‘communicate’, which means ‘to share’. So, communication is a sharing of information.

This sharing aspect is very important: some people think that communication is just about speaking or conveying a message while the other person listens. However, good communication is more of a mutual exchange of information, with both sides speaking and listening in turn.

As well as being verbal, communication can take many other forms. It can be physical (in what is known as ‘body language’) or written down (for instance when we read a letter or see an advert on a billboard). We can communicate via images and via the touch of a hand too – silence itself can be a way of communicating how we feel.

Communication is something that we all do every day, and it benefits us all to brush up on our communication skills so that we are the best communicators that we could possibly be.

All living things in the Universe communicate.

Plants, animals, bacteria, humans – everything that surrounds us, in a way, communicates. Communication is the essence of our world, if there wasn’t for communication there would be nothing.

Communication in Human Beings – Why Do We Communicate?

Human beings inherently communicate at all times. Our bodies and minds communicate with us, we communicate with others and interact with the world that surrounds us. It’s safe to say that communication is absolutely vital and in this article, we will give you 10 reasons why communication is important, so make sure to keep reading.

Why is Communication Important?

It is very important to have effective communication skills. The importance of communication is highlighted below in points.

1. Resolving disputes.

If neither side feels that they are being understood by the other, disputes can build up until they become practically irresolvable. Good communication skills ensure that everyone understands what the other person wants and that compromises can be reached.

2. Knowledge.

We are able to learn new things thanks to communication. We communicate with others and our teachers, mentors, friends, and families communicate with us – this is how we get to learn and accumulate knowledge.

3. Building genuine friends & relationships.

A good friendship is all about truly getting to know and trust the other person. Being able to communicate your feelings, interests, and plans is very helpful here. That way, you will be able to ask them for support when you are stressed, share your joy with them when something good happens, and make plans with them for the future as well.

How would we build a relationship with someone if we didn’t have the ability to communicate our thoughts to them? We build and cultivate relationships with others through communication.

4. Sharing of Emotions and feelings – a sense of belongingness.

Human beings are fragile and in almost constant need of a friendly listener. If we didn’t have our friends and families to share our deepest fears and secrets with, if we didn’t have the ability to communicate, the world would be a very different place.

5. Businesses exist because of communication.

The business would simply not be possible without communication. If there wasn’t for communication, there wouldn’t be a way to share goods and services. Therefore, the business itself wouldn’t exist in no way, shape or form.

6. Brand promotion.

If you want customers to buy your products, it is essential that you are able to communicate your brand message to them. This will result in increased sales.

7. Persuasion.

One important aspect of communication is being able to persuade people to do things. Whether you want to encourage others to donate to a charity you work for, or simply to persuade your kids to do your dishes, good communication skills will really help you here as they will enable you to explain to other people what the advantages are of your suggested course of action.

8. It helps us express ourselves in a clear fashion.

No one would know who we are, what we think, or how we feel if we didn’t have the ability to communicate. Communication is what helps ups represent who we are to the world.

9. Pleasurable experience.

Human beings would have no ability to feel the sensation of please if they weren’t able to communicate. We feel pleasure thanks to communication.

10. Satisfy our needs and getting a good deal.

If you can communicate well with your boss, you will have a better chance of promotion. Build up a good rapport with a market stallholder and chances are they will put the price down for you. Communicating confidently, politely but firmly is also very useful when you need to make a complaint about a product or service, or when you need to get your money back in the store.

Further, without the ability to communicate, we wouldn’t be able to satisfy our basic needs like water, shelter, or food. We would not be able to physically survive without it.


Communication is useful in daily life for avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings with our family and friends – and for resolving disputes whenever they do arise. Communication is also a great way to build loving and trusting relationships with other people in the first place.

Communication is also very important in the world of business. Whether we are working as part of a team to get a project done in the office or simply trying to convey a branded message to consumers, we rely on communication!

What more is there to say in the end? Communication is a vital part of all existing life and the fact that we, human beings. have the unique ability to communicate in a highly sophisticated way is a true gift that we need to cherish in order to lead productive happy lives. Communicate with the people you love, interact with the world around you, and spend some time ‘talking” to your inner self.

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