Comparison between Religion and Superstition Essay

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Comparison between Religion and Superstition

Introduction: Religion is the repository of mankind’s highest aspirations and noblest ideals. It is a great life-giving force. No nation can survive without religion. Superstition is the product of folly and un-reason. Superstitions grow in the darkness of ignorance.

Similarities: Religion and superstition have some points of similarity. A religious man observes certain rights and rituals. A superstitious man observes certain ceremonies.

These similarities between religion and superstition help us understand why a religious man often shows his faith in superstitions. However, the similarities between religion and superstition are superficial.

Differences: There are many differences between Religion and Superstition.

1. Religion is a great spiritual force. It empowers our minds and sustains us even in our darkest days. Superstition has no such power. It makes us cowards. Superstitious men cannot achieve success in life because superstition breeds a defeatist mentality.

2. Religion is a powerful liberating force. It broadens our outlook. It teaches us to be tolerant and sympathetic towards our friends and neighbors. Superstition, on the other hand, makes us suspicious and narrow-minded.

3. Religion sustains mankind in all ages. Even in an age of science people derive inspiration from religion. Science can not destroy religion. Superstition flourishes only in dark ages. In the Middle Ages most of the people were steeped in superstitions. Superstitions disappear in an age of reason. Science destroys superstitions. Now only the uneducated villagers believe in superstitions.

4. Religion gives us strength. Whereas, superstition fill our minds with fear of evil spirits.

5. We are living in an age of science. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. Religion has no conflict with our modern outlook. In fact, the increase of material pleasures has made us more religious.

6. Religion plays an important role in modern life. Superstition, on the other hand, is a serious handicap in modern life. It prevents us from enjoying the gifts of science.

7. Religions have well-defined teachings and dictums but superstitions are countless in their forms and beliefs. When something happens which he cannot account for rationally, he is led to believe in the existence of divinities or spirits causing such happenings.

Conclusion: Hence, we conclude that Religion is essentially different from superstition through the two have some superficial similarities. Superstition may safely be cut off, without doing any harm to the society.

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