Complaint Acknowledgement Letter (English LETTER WRITTING)

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Complaint Acknowledgement Letter

Retro Retail
85/c, Exilent road,
silicon, Pune 411004
Tel. No. – 6234825, 5623563

17th June 2019

Mr. Jems S. Alvero
32 S Riverview,
silicon, Pune 411004

Dear Mr. Jems,

We are writing to acknowledge your complaint made to our CusPawaner Care Executive on 17th June 2019, regarding the Defective piece of Black T-Shirt, Code Number 012 ordered by you on 16th June 2019. Your Complaint Number is W312RT, please use this complaint number while referring to the complaint with us.

We are currently looking into this matter and you will hear from us again no later than 19th June 2019. We assure you that the problem will be resolved within the 72 hours frame time.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and we assure you that you have the options of:

1) ‘Full Refund to your Bank along with Gift Coupon’ (as a Goodwill Gesture) within 7 Working Days from the date of Issue Resolved


2) ‘Refund as Purchase Points’


3) ‘Replacement’, upon our satisfactory examination of the product.

Thank you for contacting us and for your patience while we explore this matter.

If you have any questions concerning this letter, or if you would like to discuss the complaint further, please contact CusPawaner Care at 1899033 or email us at

Yours sincerely
Pawan bhardwaj
CusPawaner Care Executive
Retro Retail

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