Confirm a Directive or Decision (English letter writing)

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Confirm a Directive or Decision


Sample Letter 1



The events of this past week might have left some ambiguity concerning our priorities. To move forward as a team, we must remove any uncertainties and accept the challenges that lie ahead. Let me restate our decisions. First, we must meet the October 15 deadline. Our holiday sales depend on that date. Second, we must release a quality product. We realize this might require long hours and time away from your families. We want to make it up to your families and are formulating a completion bonus.


We have the best team in the industry. We are close to the finish line and can see the flags waving ahead. We need one last burst of energy and commitment from each of you. For now, stop working, go home, and take the remainder of the day off. Tomorrow we’ll meet in the main conference room at 8:00 a.m. for a kick-off meeting to begin the last stretch of the race.



Sample Letter 2



I understand John asked you to stop what you are doing and edit the documents. He has my full support in this decision. We have studied our schedule and believe that editing is the most important thing you could do at this time.


We appreciate your efforts and consider you one of our best editors. We are confident that if you devote full-time to editing, we can shorten the time needed for completion. Be sure to call me a day or two before you finish the documents so we can review them together.



Sample Letter 3



As was agreed in the staff meeting on Tuesday, the birthday club will be dissolved immediately. Ms Doe has a record of dues that have been paid, and these will be returned by the end of next week. We regret any inconvenience or discomfort that any of our employees may have suffered, and are confident that we will all be happy to abide in future by the policy that prohibits any form of soliciting on company time or premises.



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