Confirm Miscellaneous Business Agreements (English letter writing)

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Confirm Miscellaneous Business Agreements


Sample Letter 1



This is to confirm our agreement that we will pay John Doe’s salary until the end of June, after which you will begin to pay him with full benefits. We agree that this arrangement is both fair and equitable, considering the pending change in his work assignment. If, for some reason, the main office cancels the change, we will no longer be able to employ Mr. Doe beyond July 31. We feel good about the company’s current plans for expansion and look forward to continued cooperation.



Sample Letter 2



I appreciate your agreement to postpone any decisions on new product development until we have had a chance to present our proposal. I understand that you have given us until August 15 to complete the proposal and that you are willing to view drafts in progress to give us helpful feedback. We plan to have the proposal ready for presentation by August 10. We appreciate your confidence and consideration.



Sample Letter 3



This letter is to inform you that we have accepted your bid to provide maintenance services for the Springfield City offices. The complete terms of the agreement are spelled out in the accompanying contract. If these terms are acceptable to you, please sign the contract and return it to my office by 5:00 p.m. on October 13. If you have questions or need clarification of any part of the contract, please contact me at 555-5555 as soon as possible.


We appreciate the opportunity to do business with you and look forward to a long and rewarding association.



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