Consequences of Greenhouse Effect Essay

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Consequences of Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse effect is the outcome of the incoming and outgoing radiations from the sun that passes through the glass walls and warms it.

Similar happens with the earth when the incoming UV radiations warm the inner atmosphere of the earth.

The major cause of the greenhouse effect is the nature of earth’s surface to absorb the incoming heat. Once the heat comes in, it doesn’t get released back at the same level and remains trapped in. This causes the greenhouse effect.

The process of Greenhouse effect involves:

  • Trapping of sun’s warmth by the atmosphere due to presence of greenhouse gases, and
  • heating up of the planet earth’s surface due to the presence of trapped heat in the atmosphere.

Percentage contribution of four major gases: Mentioned below is the composition of the greenhouse gases resulting in greenhouse effect on earth:-

  • Water vapour, 36-70%

  • Carbon dioxide, 9-26%

  • Methane, 4-9%

  • Ozone, 3-7%

Consequences of the Greenhouse effect

1. Increase in Earth’s temperature – Global warming

Global warming or a high rise increase in the temperature of the earth is a major effect of the process of greenhouse effect.

2. Effect of ecosystem and biodiversity

Due to capture of high amount of heat and increased composition of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect show quite visible effects on the ecosystem and biodiversity.

3. Sea levels

This rise is the temperature due to greenhouse effect leads to the melting of the global ice, resulting to the rise of the sea levels and other climatic changes as well.

4. Ocean Acidification

Increase in the prime greenhouse gas- Carbon Dioxide results in the ocean acidification. This happens due to the process of sea water reacting with carbon dioxide and forming carbonic acid.

5. Adverse effects on plant growth and nutrition levels

Due to increased content of the greenhouse gases both plant and animal growth will automatically get affected, hampering the ecosystem balance.

6. Depletion of the ozone layer

Nitrous oxide, another greenhouse gas is a prime ingredient that works on ozone layer depletion. If the ozone gets depleted, our protective layer against the harmful UV rays gets depleted, giving a harmful effect on both our skin and health.

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