Contribution of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

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Contribution of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the great social reformer and maker of modern India was born at Radhanagar in Hooghly in a famous Brahmin family. He was educated at Patna and Benaras. There he learnt English, Greek, Latin and Sanskrit.

The contribution of Raja Ram Mohan Roy as a social reformer is unparallel. The versatile genius turned his attention to reform the society in his later years.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy abolished the custom of ‘sati’, the evil practice of burning young widows in their husband’s funeral pyre.

Ram Mohan Roy was opposed by the conservative Hindus and as result he founded a different religion – Brahma dharma based on the Upanishads.

He founded the Brahma Samaj. In 1831 Ram Mohan left for England on behalf of the Mughal Emperor. He was given the title of ‘Raja’ by the Mughal monarch.

But Ram Mohan Roy died in England, away from his homeland. He is forever remembered as the maker of modern India.

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