Cooperation: Meaning and Explanation Meaning Essay

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Cooperation: Meaning and Explanation


Cooperation means the rendering of mutual aid by many, each reaping the full benefit of their joint activity.

  • The act of coming together or working together for mutual benefit or to achieve a common goal.
  • Cooperation can be between two or more equal people, or one person may lead and the other may assist.
  • The formation of associations and societies by businesses, workers, societies, etc. for economic or social benefit.
  • Joint operation by people or entities that are willing to help each other.


Man is an indivisible part of a great whole and he has to take his happiness or misery along with others. You are an individual member of a family; as long as you receive a share of the common gains, you must contribute your own share of work also. On the need of cooperation, therefore, we need not dwell long.

The method of cooperation should be dearly realized. Now, all of us cannot aim, and should not aim, at doing the same kind of thing. The wants of each person, much more than of all the people who make up the community, are so many and varied that they cannot be all procured unless each person exerts himself in his own way in the doing of those things for which he is best fitted. Even when there is a certain definite object to be achieved, several men may be needed, each one to achieve a part.

What prevents men from cooperating for mutual benefit?

It is distrust of one another, and, in a few cases, jealousy that one is likely to be more benefited than the rest. But unless we get over such distrust and jealousy not only can we not develop our material resources, but our character can never be raised.

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