Current Caste System in India (Untouchability and Caste System)

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Current Caste System in India (Untouchability and Caste System)

Current Caste System has become very rigid and inflexible in India with the result that it has converted itself into casteism. It is this rigidity in current casteism system, which resulted in untouchability and superiority complex and hierarchy. It checked mobility in society and promoted caste conflicts for establishing supremacy.

Casteism is now quite visible and very much in operation in our social, economic and political life. In spite of the fact that in theory it is being much criticized and condemned, in practice it is still very much deep-rooted in society and has become its integral part.

Caste has been the basis of Hindu society since Vedic times. After independence, the Indian Constitution sought to establish a more egalitarian society by according special privileges to the backward castes so that they could overcome the disabilities suffered due to centuries of discrimination.

However, the Mandal report has again brought the issue of caste to the forefront. The Mandal report sought to provide the backward classes with reservation in Central Government jobs. But it provoked strenuous opposition by the upper castes, manifesting it in horrifying self immolations by scores of young upper caste students.

Despite wide ranging legislation and even special machinery for implementation and monitoring casteism has become more entrenched in modern India than ever before endangering the very unity of India.

Immediate abolition of Caste System and Untouchability from the current Indian scenerio is only a wishful thinking. For centuries it has remained in our society and to think that a psychological change can come by legal measures is a difficult proposition. The people will have to be mentally prepared for this change and for that many efforts are needed. All that can be said is that the ground has been laid and unless constant efforts and endeavours are made the good work done will be lost to society.

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