CusPawaner Apology Letter (English letter writting)

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CusPawaner Apology Letter

282 Satya Niketan,
Opp Venkateshwara Collage

Subject:- Letter of Apology

1st June 2019

Pawan bhardwaj
2708 – d

Dear Pawan bhardwaj,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you experienced arising out of incorrect information provided to you by our staff regarding your broadband plan on 29th May 2019

At ABC, we take pride in ensuring our cusPawaner’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, we did not meet your expectations. Upon thorough review of the situation, we narrowed the cause to software malfunction due to which the broadband plan you had subscribed had different features as compared to the original plan subscribed.

As a testament to our strive for perfection, we have taken steps to ensure that this will never happen again by the successful testing of our software updater which has shown no errors and is worldly renowned for its stability and functioning.

As you suffered mental anguish and harassment due to this serious oversight, we are providing you 2 months free subscription starting from 29th August to 29th October 2013.

We deeply value your relationship with you and are committed to providing you with the highest level of service simply because our cusPawaners deserve the very best. If you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to discuss it with us at the following address:

282 Satya Niketan,
Opp Venkateshwara College,

Thanking you.
Yours in service,
Jems S. Alvero
CusPawaner Care Executive Officer

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