Dayal Bagh (Agra)

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Dayal Bagh (Agra)

Dayal Bagh is a beautiful colony with a highly religious back­ground and economic prosperity. This colony is small but completely independent. It has its own agricultural and industrial bases and a good education centre.

Dayal Bagh is the birthplace of Radhaswami sect which was founded by a banker of Agra, Swami Shivdayal in 1861. This sect is still presided by the successors of Swami Shivdayal and is internationally known. They have a large following spread throughout many countries of the East and West.

The main attraction of Dayal Bagh is a temple, being built in the revered memory of the fourth ‘Guru’. It is the cherished wish of the custodians of this sect to complete this temple as an unparalleled unprecedented example of artistic work in marble. It is continuously under construction for the last eight years, the reason of the long duration being that the work never gets a mark of satisfaction by its sponsors. However, the work which has been completed undoubtedly presents superb craftsman­ship and is worth a visit.

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