Death of Humayun

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Death of Humayun

The Mughal Emperor Humayun died on January 26, 1556. Humayun was the son of Babur and father of Akbar The Great.

On the evening of 24th January, 1556, King Humayun was sitting on the roof of his library situated in that group of the buildings known as Din Panah and was subsequently called Sher Mandal. He was talking to some of his distinguished nobles and astrologers and it was arranged to hold a durbar at the time of the appearance of the planet Venus. At this time he heard the Muazzin’s call to prayer from the neighboring mosque. So, he got up in order to descend the steep stairs and go to attend the evening prayer. His slipped and he fell down the stairs and fractured his skull. His was then carried to the palace. On recovering consciousness he learnt that his condition was serious and so sent a message to his son, Akbar, informing him of his condition and appointing him his successor. He died on January 26, 1556.

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