Decline to Accept a Gift (ENGLISH LETTER WRITTING)

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Decline to Accept a Gift


Sample Letter 1



I loved the beautiful plant you had delivered to my office. Unfortunately, I had to ask the delivery boy to return it, because we are not allowed to accept gifts from clients. Still, I sincerely appreciated the gesture and look forward to our continued association.



Sample Letter 2



You must have read my mind. I have been admiring your beautiful fountain pen since we first met. To make it a gift to me was very thoughtful.


Sadly, I cannot accept your generosity because company policy prohibits employees from receiving gifts. But be assured that I will not forget your kind gesture.



Sample Letter 3



I was very touched by your thoughtful offer to babysit my children during the vacation I had planned. Recently, however, I have had a change of heart and will no longer be taking the vacation. Nonetheless, I deeply appreciate your generosity and I hope to be able to repay it some day.



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