Delhi Gharana | Delhi Classical Music Essay

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Delhi Gharana | Delhi Classical Music

Delhi Gharana of Indian Classical Music ( Oldest Khayal Gharana)

Delhi Gharana of Indian Classical Music is the oldest Khayal gharana as its Master musician was none other than Niamat Shah Sadarang, the Court musician of Mohammad Shah, Emperor of Delhi. His Khayal compositions contain references to Mohammad Shah ‘Rangile” and he used his famous pen name of ‘Sadarang”. The last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Jafar was also a Khayal composer and his Ustad Mia Achpal or Ghulam Hussain firmly established the Delhi gharana. Later Tanras Khan, trained by Achpal, became a great Khayal singer and a legendary exponent of Delhi gharana. His son Umrao Khan took this gayaki forward and thereafter came several great well known singers like Nanhe Khan, Samman Khan and the great Sarangi player Mamman Khan. In the 20th Century, this gharana was led by Ustad Chand Khan and later Nasir Ahmed. This gharana excelled in—

  • Picturesque Tanas like Jod Tod ke Tana, Jhoola ke tanas, Ukhad ke tanas, Phande etc.

  • Use of very last tanas in Drut Khayals.

  • Varied structures of Khayals in styles like Palki, Sawar, Rail and uncommon rhythms.

  • Tremendous control over Laya and Tala.

  • Brilliant use of sargams in Khayal singing.

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