Difference between Nation and State Essay

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Difference between Nation and State

Difference between Nation and State Nation and the state are not synonymous. Professor Gilchrist Hayes and other political scientists remind us that there are fundamental differences between Nation and State.

According to Hayes,

  • The state is primarily a political institution. But the concept of nation is primarily social, cultural and psychological in nature. The state develops on the basis of obedience expressed by the people.
  • The power and will of the state are translated into reality through the government. But the concept of nation has no such institution.
  • Within a state there may be many nations. Such a state is popularly known as a multinational state. India is a prominent example of multinational state. If the different nationalities in such a state do not find opportunities to preserve their distinctive features, demands for ‘one nation, one state’ are likely to be raised. This may endanger the existence of the state. Thus, there are important differences between nation and the state.

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