Difficulties of Agricultural Marketing and its Remedies Essay

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Difficulties of Agricultural Marketing and its Remedies

The difficulties of agricultural marketing includes the following:

  1. Too many intermediaries: Too many intermediaries eat up the marketing profits. The cultivator gets a price, which is very much lower than the price, which the final consumers pay.
  2. Unregulated markets: There are many unregulated markets in villages. The cultivators have often to pay a large number of allowances and deductions.
  3. Lack of holding power: The cultivators have less holding power. They cannot hold out the agricultural produce for a better price but have to sell immediately after the harvest at prices dictated by the buyers.
  4. Ignorance: The ignorant cultivators do not usually know the actual prices ruling in the big markets. They fall easy prey to the greedy intermediaries and large crop dealers.


  1. The establishment of modern warehouses and cold storages will enable the growers to get advances and would enhance their staying power.
  2. Marketing survey should be undertaken with regard to all the principal products.
  3. It is essential to improve village transport without which marketing reforms are impossible.

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