Disadvantages of Joint Family Essay

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Disadvantages of Joint Family

Though there are a lot of advantages of living together in a joint family, it has some disadvantages also. The disadvantages of living in a Joint Family are mentioned below:

  1. Living in a joint family, you may have lack of leadership and decision making qualities as head of the family will decide and does all the important decisions. So there is very less scope of development of individual leadership and decision making qualities.
  2. Some people is become very lazy within a joint family. The working members does the maximum works. Some people becomes lazy since they don’t feel the need of doing anything.
  3. The individual personality development may get hampered due to the interference of elders in all kind of personal things. This is something which cannot be easily avoided.
  4. A joint family may lead to quarrel between the family members over the trivial issues like equal work sharing or expenses sharing etc.
  5. Sometimes when the members of joint family wants to get separate, it may bring many litigation problems in front of them. Then, if it become larger, there may be court cases on relatives etc.
  6. Some family members don’t feel secure in a joint family as all members can share all the resources & sometimes personal things, so here someone doesn’t have the privacy to something. This may lead to separation from their own parents.
  7. A young women may feel well in a joint family. They may get dominated by their mother-in-laws and other senior women in the same home.
  8. There may be increased household work pressure on some young women of the house.

In-spite of the above disadvantages, the importance of living in a Joint Family cannot be denied.

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