Discipline: Its Meaning and Importance Essay

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Discipline: Its Meaning and Importance

What is the Meaning of Discipline?

Discipline refers to:

  • the practice of training, helping and guiding a person to adhere to a pre-determined code of conduct, or to obey to a set of rules,
  • the actions required to be taken when a person breaches a pre-determined rule,
  • the methods deployed for controlling a person’s behavior in a way that encourages a willingness to obey rules and orders,
  • enforcing obedience to set rules, through punitive methods.

Why is Discipline so Important?

We cannot live according to our sweet will, regardless of the conveniences of others. This is why discipline is important in every sphere of our social existence.

The need for Discipline exists everywhere. In this wide world, wherever we turn our eyes, we find the reign of discipline. All the beauty of the world owes its origin to the inner harmony of nature.

In our own homes, too, there is a need for discipline. Every member of a family obeys the head of the family for practical reasons. The head of the family earns money and supports his dependents. The mistress of the house sees that the household is properly maintained. Naturally, all the members of the family obey these two people.

Discipline is of utmost importance in student-life. If young students do not obey their teachers, they will deprive themselves of much of the training they should have at this period. Such young men may struggle to do the task that are easily done by others. A discipline student learn a lot more during his school days. Society accepts disciplined person as fit for holding any responsible position in life. Therefore, it is the bounden duty of all students to acquire the habit of discipline in the formative stage of their life. A school without discipline can never impart good education to its students.

Discipline in the playground and battlefield: Discipline is of great value in the playground as well. A well-disciplined team is likely to win a game in spite of its other weaknesses. However, without discipline even a very strong team cannot fare well. Again, in an army soldiers have to be disciplined. If soldiers do not obey their commander, the army becomes a rabble.

Disciplined liberty necessary: At first sight, it may appear to us that discipline takes away individual liberty. However, liberty without discipline leads to absolute lawlessness.

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