Economic Life of Aryans during Vedic Period

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Economic Life of Aryans during Vedic Period

Economic Life of Aryans during Vedic Period: Agriculture was the main means of occupation and livelihood for the Aryans.

The Slokas have referred to agriculture as a god and mercy for better crop and green grass for the animal has been sought by the devotees.

References about canals and wells have been found which shows that the artificial means of irrigation were also utilized.

The words like shepherds and pastures have been casually mentioned which shows that they were nomads and went hither and thither grazing their animals.

They have a mention of animals like horses, sheep, goats and asses, but cow has been given greatest importance and has been called ‘the sum of all good’.

They had developed many arts and industries like weaving, carpentry and smithy. The black-smith and the gold-smith have been mentioned and the utensil, instruments and the ornaments they could make have also been mentioned like the bracelets, necklace, anklet etc.

The black smith would make arrows, spears, knives, daggers and swords. Metals like copper and bronze were also known to them and they were used for household utensil. They had a simple way of dressing but stitching was known to them.


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