End of Adhasur – (Lord Krishna Story for Kids) Essay

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End of Adhasur – (Lord Krishna Story for Kids)

Adhasur was Bakasur’s brother. When Adhasur came to know of his brother’s death in Krishna’s hands, he grew furious with anger. Now Adhasur wanted to avenge his death by killing Krishna.

One day he went to the place where Krishna, Balram and the other shepherd boys were playing. Their cattle were grazing nearby. Adhasur took the form of a truly gigantic snake. He looked really very horrible. When he opened his mouth, the lower jaw touched the ground and upper jaw touched the sky. In the forest Adhasur lay with his open mouth on the path. His long, red tongue was spread on the path like a red carpet. The unaware children kept playing and reached where Adhasur was lying on the ground. Soon all of them entered Adhasur’s mouth.

Adhasur waited till Krishna and Balram entered his mouth. At last Krishna and Balram also came there and entered his mouth. But before he could shut his mouth to gulp him down, little Krishna started growing larger and taller in size. Soon Krishna grew so tall and large that he got stuck in Adhasur’s mouth. Adhasur was unable to breathe properly and could not shut his mouth either. And in no time Adhasur was dead. But he was still in the form of the snake. Now the snake’s huge mouth appeared as a cave. The children came out of Adhasur’s stomach without realizing what had occurred.

Thus, Lord Krishna killed another Asur.

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