Endangered Species of Plants and Animals in India

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Endangered Species of Plants and Animals in India

Due to rapid habitat loss, over exploitation in particular, large numbers of plants, herbs, climbers have disappeared from their naive regions over the years. Many orchids, trees, ferns, medicinal herbs of hills, cycads and other plant species have become endangered.

Similarly, large number of mammals, birds, reptiles, corals and fishes are threatened in our country. A good number conservation sites have been declared for the protection of such endangered animals. This includes, countrywide, 27 tiger project areas, elephant conservation areas, crocodile conservation programs, various bird conservation sites etc.

The species of mammals in India such as tiger, lion, rhino, snow leopard, hoolook gibbon, golden langur, wild ass, red panda, ant-eater pangolin. Hangul, mouse deer, musk deer, gangetic dolphin etc. are endangered.

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