Environmental Protection: Meaning, Importance, and Protective Measures

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Environmental Protection: Meaning, Importance, and Protective Measures


Environmental protection refers to any measure that is taken to conserve, maintain or preserve the state of the environment. Protection of the environment can be done through reducing pollutants or anything that leads to its degradation.

Conservation of the environment aims at keeping it safe and healthy. It aims at the reduction of overusing the natural resources. It is the taking care of all the components that make up the environment.

Preserving is also used hand in hand with the term conserving. Environmental preservation refers practices that do not alter the environment. It aims at keeping the environment unchanged so as to leave it intact.

Protection of the environment can also mean that the environmental practices that the human race indulge in are sustainable to help avoid damaging or harming the ecosystem.

The animals are also part of the environment and when we talk about protection, animals are a key factor. For animals, it is more about conservation. It has to do with protecting the endangered species from extinction by discouraging activities such as poaching.

When the environment is protected it serves to benefit all those who rely on it. It serves in the maintenance of life for the plants, humans and animals.

Importance of environmental protection.

To protect/save our lives.

The environment supports the life of each and every living thing on earth. We rely on the environment for life. When it is protected we are assured of better health. Food, quality air and so much more. As the late professor Wangari Mathai said and I quote, ‘if we destroy the environment, the environment will destroy us.” This is so true because it is the environment that sustains our life.

The environment has suffered due to the scientific inventions.

A lot has been discovered over the years. Many of these inventions tend to be harmful to the environment, though it is a way of the human race trying to make their life better. Factories have been built in so many places around the world. The emission of harmful gases into the air is on the increase. The dredging of oil in the sea is also another case. Trees are being cut down to create space for more land. With all this going on, the environment remains at or mercy for protection.

Discharge of carbon gases.

The first thing everyone with a good amount of money is thinking about is how to get a car. The purchase of cars has grown over the years. The worst part is that there are not many cars that are environment friendly. Most of them use fuel which when burnt, releases carbon into the air. Factories are also playing a role in this. Carbon gases are not in any way friendly to the environment and this is why we need to protect it.

Use of low grade plastics.

The chemicals that go into making plastics is highly toxic and it poses serious threats to the environment. Burning of plastics during their production and even after use releases toxic fumes into the air. The toxins can also leak into the soil and ground water causing contamination. This makes it difficult to grow plants and even pose a challenge to hormones in many living things.

Biodiversity is important.

For the environment to be a better place to live, biodiversity has to be a part of it. In science it is said that during the day, plants use carbon dioxide, while humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. This is a form of exchange plan. Plants help to reduce carbon dioxide in the air, which in turn benefits humans. Each living has a role to play in the environment. It makes the world a better place to live in.

It is our moral obligation.

We owe our existence to the environment. It is our role to ensure that the environment supports us and other living species in a comfortable way. The only way we can pay it back is by protecting it in all ways possible.

Environmental hazards are dangerous.

When we look at our water bodies, they have become dumping grounds for dangerous chemicals. Most factories throw their waste into the lakes and oceans. These chemicals end up in the food web such as mercury in fish. These foods end up on our plates and the end result could be serious diseases. The air we breathe in and what our skin comes into contact with is crucial. When we have harmful gases in the air it is a threat to life.

How to protect the environment?

The following protective and control measures are aimed at environmental protection.


Trees are very important. They play a great role in air purification, they are water catchment areas and a home to many other living species. The more trees we have the purer the air and the less the chances of having water problems. Animals also have their own habitat in the forests.

Use green technologies.

Factories should try to go green. Use more environmentally friendly gases that are not harmful. Wind energy is one way to go about it. Solar energy is also an applicable method. Use of renewable energy will reduce the harmful chemicals.

Use less chemicals in factories.

When the chemicals are less, this means that waste is also minimal. Not only the factories but also those who do farming. Most of the pesticides and fertilizers used in farms end up in water bodies. It is important to use a reasonable amount that will not be harmful.

Share your car or use public transport.

Since cars are a major air pollutant, trying to minimize the number of cars on the road is important. People can choose to use more of public transport. Families can share cars rather than each member of the family having a car or use bicycles where possible.

Create awareness.

It is important to educate people on the importance of environmental protection. The little things people do will do a long way in environmental protection. Encourage them on the importance of reusing and recycling. Encourage use of energy savers as well as collecting rain water. It is also important to educate on animal conservation as well as taking part in tree planting programs. There are so many organizations all over the world that are planting trees in the aim of saving the world.

Be sustainable.

Try as much as possible to reduce or eliminate waste and use the environment is an eco-friendly way. Sustainability means reducing the use of natural resources so as to reduce the chances of depleting them. Use more of fluorescent tubes, use rechargeable batteries, use renewable energy, and use renewable bags for shopping are some of the ways to be sustainable.

Plant trees along sea-beach.

Sea beaches are low-lying lands that are bear. Planting trees in these areas will play a great role in protecting the environment. They can serve as air purifiers and reduce the chances of harmful waste reaching the sea and oceans. They will also serve the purpose of preventing dunes.


The environment is very important for the existence of life. It supports living things and protecting it should be our first priority. Without a conducive environment, we run the risk of extinction. It is good to understand that it is the environment that supports us and not vise versa.

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