Essay on Holidays

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Essay on Holidays

Introduction: Holidays are days of rest and recreation. Long holidays like the summer vacation and the puja vacation come after the hard routine work for some months. Therefore, the students hail them with joy. A short holiday for a couple of days is also a pleasure to them.

Object of holidays: The object of holidays is to release the students from the daily round of routine work. Their brain requires some rest after deep studies. Therefore, holidays create fresh energy for further work.

Students are not to follow the fixed routine of the school. They are not worried, by their examinations. Rest in holidays does not, however mean, inactivity. Time should never be spent in vain. Students should draw up a plan of work beforehand and try to follow it. They should begin a new round of work to make the recreation useful.

How should students spend their holidays?

Healthy exercises and games: During the holidays, students should try to improve their health. They can rise early and take regular morning walks in the open air. They can take part in outdoor games and eat good food at the proper time. They should spend their vacation in a joyous mood and enliven themselves.

Pleasure trips to new places: Students can utilize a vacation best by going out on pleasure trips with their friends and relatives. Such trips to new places will benefit them in many ways. These will increase their knowledge and experience. The interesting sights and scenes of these places will give them joy.

Reading: Holidays are meant for the enjoyment of life. However, students should not forget their books altogether. Nevertheless, they need not read much. They should revise their lessons at times and read light literature.

Social service: Holidays are good time for social service. Students may go out to villages to spread the light of education among the rural people. They may help the villagers to weed out jungles, to make roads and drains and to fill up the marshes. They may do many other works to make the villages healthy and beautiful.

Conclusion: Holidays have their charms and blessings not only for students but for others as well. They refresh our minds and increase our strength and capacity for work.

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