Essay on Indiscipline Among Students

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Essay on Indiscipline Among Students

Indiscipline Among Students

Introduction: Indiscipline among students leads to a situation where the students doesn’t listen to the teachers and take their own decisions. They often take law in their own hand, organize strikes and upset the peaceful life.

It is an admitted fact that students of today are very much different from those of a generation ago. Their strikes are the order of the day and often lead to the worst type of hooliganism.

Importance of Student life: A student should always try to lead a disciplined life. Student life is a period of study and formation of character. It is the time when boys and girls should devote their time and energy in building up a sound body and a sound mind.

The sole aim of student life is to gain knowledge so that they may earn their living as well as understand the problems of the country. This aim can be achieved only when the students respect their teachers and concentrate on their studies. They should not indulge into the acts of indiscipline.

Current situation: Unfortunately, it is a pity that the students of today waste their precious time in acts of indiscipline. The worst aspect of the problem is that they are very often misled by political leaders who use them as their tools for creating disorder. Since students do not have mature minds, they cannot understand the justness or unjustness of a cause and, hence, are likely to fall a victim in the hands of bad people. As such, the students neglect their studies and grow undisciplined.

Causes of indiscipline among students: It is generally for the cause of some rights and privileges that students choose the path of indiscipline. The often stage strikes and demonstrations.

Real cause of this problem is to be looked into. But students alone are not to be blamed for this. A student of today is certainly a discontented and dissatisfied youth.

The chief cause of student’s indiscipline lies is our present educational system. It neither forms the character of our students nor enables them to earn their living after completing the education. As such, education does not foster the growth of qualities such as initiative, self-confidence etc. in young men.

Student today is an unfortunate creature. Few have a work of praise for him. Parents are displeased with him because he does not take his studies seriously and wastes his time, money and energy in undesirable activities.

Conclusion: Hence, problem of indiscipline and unrest among students is a part of a much bigger problem viz. reconstruction of our country’s educational system. The system need to be overhauled and made to suit the needs of the time and Indian conditions of life. We need to take care of the need of the students. There is need for adequate provision for industrial, technical and vocational education.

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