Essay on Light

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Essay on Light

Light is necessary to see in darkness. The chief modes of lighting are (1) Electricity, (2) Oil-lamps, (3) Gas, and (4) Candles.

1. Electricity has changed the race of the world. It drives our trains and tramcars, it carries water hundreds of miles, it enables us to have light where light could never have been before.

Today a child can fill a dark room with light by touching a switch or turning a tap, but even a king could not have done those a hundred years ago. The light is remarkably brilliant, and electricity is now the most favorite mode of lighting.

2. Oil-lamps consist of oil in a small reservoir into which a wick dip. They give a good light. Like candles, it can be readily carried around. Castor, cocoanut and mustard oils give mild light. Kerosene oil gives a very bright light.

3. Gas is stored in huge holders. It is conveyed through a series of pipes from the factory to the places where the light is required. It has many advantages over candles and oil-lamps. In the first place, it gives brighter lights. Again, being constantly in the pipes, it can be used at any moment immediately, by simply turning a tap. Gas can also be used for purposes of cooking.

4. Candles are made of stick of tallow or wax with a wick inside. They are a useful and easy mode of lighting. They do not require special preparation before hand as is 1he case with oil-lamps. They can be carried from place to place, and thus have an advantage over gas.

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