Essay on Mother

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Essay on Mother

As a mother, a woman plays the most significant role in child’s development process. The mother links the new generation with the old values and norms and thereby provides the stability and the continuity to the social structure.

The most important aspect of a woman’s role is that of the mother. The role has also undergone change because of the exigencies of modern times.

In modern times, the educated mother’s role is changing as the demands of the new situations involve the inculcation of new values among children.

Traditionally, a woman as a mother occupies a place of great honor and prestige in our society. Of the two parents, the mother’s role is considered more significant. For a child, his mother remains the most important person in the family.

The modern mother can interact with a young child in many ways:

  1. As a playmate;
  2. As a guide or mentor;
  3. As a teacher;
  4. As a caretaker attending the child’s routine needs for food and clothing; and
  5. As a sensitive respondent to the signals of the child’s emotional needs.

A mother is child’s best friend. As a playmate, a mother spends much of her time with her child.

As a mentor, a mother guides his child to take on the challenges of life.

It is said that a child learns his first lessons at his home. Apart from moral education, the mothers of today actively participate in academic growth of their children.

Gradually, there came a striking change in the pattern of the family. With the growth of urbanization, industrialization, education, and individualism, the small family size replaced the large family pattern. The science of parenting is also being revolutionized.

The higher education, the employment, new concept of child rearing, and the increasing independence of women all are influencing the socializing role of the women as a mother.

Conclusion: In the changed atmosphere of the nuclear family, the modern mother occupies the key position in matters of child’s care, socialization, and education. The rearing of the child and his socialization remains mainly in the hands of the mother. The mother’s participation in the recreational activities of the children is also gradually increasing.

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