Essay on Value of Discipline in our Life

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Essay on Value of Discipline in our Life

The word ‘Discipline’ is derived from ‘disciple’. In ancient time a disciple always obeyed his master unconditionally which is a very necessary thing to all of us.

Discipline is valuable not only in the life of an individual but also it should be a motto to all of us.

Student Life: It is a vital necessity mainly in academic life and also in the student life. We should mind it that today’s student is the man of future. They are the citizens of future days. So, discipline in life becomes an institution to build up the ideal character of the students.

Society: Discipline form the backbone of a nice and beautiful society. Discipline is virtually the soul of the main society. All members of a society should be ordered and they have to submit to the restrictions of social codes. These types of social prohibitions are mainly called the discipline in his life and days which always rings about the welfare in some better forms. Disciplines always bring about the welfare of the society in the same form. The spirit of discipline always inspires the people and also the society to a good way where we can go to a better stage of people.

Army: Mainly an army man has the best discipline in his life which is usually a best instance to anybody in any people’s life. It is also said that an army is the best example of the work of a person of disciplined work. The spirit of discipline inspires the soldiers in conformity and obedience to set different rules.

Family: Usually all members of a family also obey the instructions of the family head’s order which is also an indication of discipline. All the members of the family always try to obey those orders which usually say to them.

Law and Order: Always standing in a queue and observing punctuality and also maintaining the law and order, helping the problems of a woman is the example of social discipline. It is a confirmed word that no nation can move properly without the way of discipline.

Conclusion: It is said that discipline is the fruit of dedication and punctuality. It is mainly needed in every day’s life.

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