Essay on Value of Time

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Essay on Value of Time

Introduction: Time is always fleeting. It never stops. It listens to no one’s request and never comes back. Still it is the most precious thing in human life. The man who knows the value of time never wastes a single moment.

Man must fill every moment of his life with work. The right way of using time is to get the best out of it. The length of life is not measured by the number of years lived, but by the manner in which the time of life was spent.

How to use it? Men often complain of the shortness of time. The forget that ‘we live in deeds, not in years’.

Most people have much more time than they know what to do with. Many people lose a great deal of their time by laziness. They often take rest, and loll and yawn in a great snug chair. They tell themselves that they have not time to do anything then. They are filled neither with pleasure nor with business. Absence of occupation is not rest. No enjoyment on earth is as real as the proper use of time.

People often complain that they do not know how to spend their time. However, time may be fruitfully employed in fulfilling social duties. To teach the illiterate, to relieve the needy and to comfort the afflicted are duties that fall in our way almost every day. All these are noble deeds. They bring great satisfaction to the person who devotes his time to them.

How to spend leisure hours? Some people find no employment for their leisure hours. They can think of nothing to do when alone and solitary. However, they can easily utilize such time in study. Of all the proper methods of employing our leisure hours, there is none as valuable as the reading of good books. The great writers are our best friends and companions in life. While reading them, we live with wise thoughts and right feelings, and find the proper way of life. We may also spend our leisure most agreeably in honest and pleasant conversation with a good friend. Such conversation may ease the mind, improve the power of understanding, and increase the stock of knowledge. A man can also fill the vacant hours of life by developing a taste for music, painting, gardening and similar other pleasant pursuits.

Importance of time in Student Life: Let us take the case of a student. Student life is a period of preparation for the future career. A student should, therefore make the best use of his time to qualify himself to be a worthy citizen of his country. He must not while away his time. His chief duty is to learn, and he must devote his time mainly to that duty. He must set apart some time for games and physical exercise. He should have some recreation, too. Physical exercise and recreation will make him fit to spend his time for good purposes and help him to do his duties well.

Time well spent leads to success: Success in life does not come by itself. One has to struggle for it, and the struggle means the proper and active use of time. An idle man has no regard for the value of time. So he meets with failure at every step. Time properly utilized means more work, and more work means more success.

Conclusion: The present-day struggle of life requires everybody to be alert about time. If we have any aim in life, we must use our time properly to reach the goal. If we want success, prosperity, and happiness in life, we must cast off idleness. Time flies fast. We should catch it before it flies, and make the best use of it to receive the blessings of God.

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