Extent of Nanda Empire

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The extent of the Nanda Empire

The Nanda Empire was extended upto Kalinga. The southern frontier of the Nanda Empire did not limit itself to Kalinga. It extended over to the Asmaka country in the Godavari valley in Deccan.

Whether the Nanda Empire extended still further beyond the Krishna, is not definitely known. But the discovery of Asokan edicts in Kurnool and Chitaldrug districts point to the extension of the Magadhan Empire up to the south of the Krishna. Since Asoka was not responsible for the conquest of these areas, it is inferred that the credit of the conquest of the area must go either to the first Maurya or the first Nanda.

Several Mysore inscriptions of later date refer to the inclusion of the Kuntala lying to the south of Mumbai within the Nanda Empire. But the validity of the information is doubtful.

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