Facts about Haryana

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Facts about Haryana

Haryana is considered one of the wealthier states of India. Much agriculture, automobile and other industries are located in Haryana. Due to such number of industries located in this state, Haryana helped sufficiently in food production in 1960s during Green Revolution.

Name: The word ‘Haryana” literary means ‘the Forest Land of Hari.”

Existence: It came into existence on 1st November 1966.

Boundary: Haryana is surrounded by Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh and also with River Yamuna. Haryana borders the Country’s capital Delhi on its three sides.

Population: As per Census 2011, the population of this state is 25,353,081. Haryana ranked 16th position in case of population.

Land Area: The land area of this state is 44,212 sq. km. It holds 20th rank as per land area.

Language: The Official language of Haryana is Hindi and Punjabi where as its Regional language is Haryanvi

Literacy: Its literacy ratio is 76.64%

Battles Fought – This is the state in which many dangerous battles were fought including Mahabharata and also the three battles of Panipat.

City:  Its Capital city is Chandigarh. But its largest city is Faridabad.

District: There are 21 districts located here.

Industries: There are many numbers of Steel, Plywood, Paper and Textile Industries located in this state. It also has India’s largest manufacturer of two-wheeler, tractors and passenger cars.

Climate: Haryana’s temperature fluctuates between 15 degree Celsius to 5 Celsius in winter and 15 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius in summer.

Connectivity: Haryana is well connected on the road and railway networks. Haryana also connected with airways. Chandigarh, Hisar etc. has airports.

Places of Interest: There are some places which attract tourists such as Skylark in Panipat, Badkal Lake, Karna Lake etc.

Best Time: October and March is the best time to visit the state.

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