Facts about Mizoram

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Facts about Mizoram

The Mountainous region of Mizoram State became the 23rd state of India on February 20, 1987.  Mizoram is a state in North Eastern India. It is also a part of the seven sister states of India.

 1. Meaning: The word ‘Mizoram” can be broken into three parts as follows,

  • ‘mi” means’People”,
  • ‘zo” means’Hill” and
  • ‘ram” means’Country”.

Thus, Mizoram stands for ‘Country of the people of Hilly regions”.

2. Traditional Rulers: The traditional rulers of Mizoram were sailors and were master of land and crops. They were accompanied with and agricultural expert.

3. Mizos: A vast portion of the peoples of Mizoram consists of several ethnic tribes. They are collectively referred to as Mizos.

4. Bordar : The border states are Tripura, Assam and Manipur while the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Burma.

5. Capital: Its capital city is Aizawl. Aizawl is famous for scenic beauty and high quality fresh fruits. Aizawl is a major tourist destination.

6. Roads: The road system is well developed. Aizwal is connected with Silchar (in Assam) and other major towns of the state through well developed road network.

7. Airport : Dimpur airport is well connected to Kolkata and Guwahati.

8. Religion: The major religion practiced is Christianity.

9. Music: The people of Mizoram play music for relaxation. They have developed a unique culture in the field of Music.

10. Jhum Cultivation: Mizoram is famous for Jhum Cultivation. Their daily life revolved around agricultural activities.

11. Festival: The most popular festival in Mizoram is Chapchar Kut. It is also known as Spring Festival. It is celebrated after finishing the tedious jobs of Jhum Cultivation. It is held annually every year in the month of March.

12. Forest: Almost 33 percent of the area of Mizoram is densely populated with dark and thick forest.

13. Climate: The climate is comfortable and pleasant. During summer the temperature ranges between 20 and 30 degree Celsius, while it ranges between 7 and 21 degree Celsius during winter.

14. Heavy Rainfall: Mizoram witnesses heavy rainfall between the month of March and September. Hence, this period is not considered suitable for tourism.

15. Largest River: Chhimtuipui is the biggest river in Mizoram.

16. Pala Lake: The biggest lake of Mizoram is Pala Lake.

17. Language: Mizo is the official language, while the usage of English is also widespread.

18. Literacy: Mizoram is ranked second in terms of literacy rate. The literacy rate of Mizoram is over 91 percent.


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