Facts about West Bengal

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Facts about West Bengal

The State of West Bengal was created on 15th August 1947 after the partition of Province of Bengal into West Bengal and East Pakistan which is now known as Bangladesh. Some major facts about West Bengal are mentioned below:

Boundary: It is surrounded by the countries Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and by the states Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Sikkim and Assam.

Population: As per Census 2011, the total population of West Bengal is 91,347,736. West Bengal holds 4th position in population wise.

Land Area: The Total Land Area of West Bengal is 88,752 sq. km. West Bengal holds 13th rank in area wise.

Language: Bengali is its Principal Language. Its Official Languages are Bengali, Nepali and English.

Literacy: Its Literacy Ratio is 77.08%

City: Its Capital City is Kolkata. Kolkata is also the largest city of West Bengal.

District: West Bengal is divided into 19 all total districts.

Climate: West Bengal experiences 4 types of seasons namely Summer, Rainy, Autumn and Winter.

Connectivity: West Bengal is well connected via roadways, railways and airways.

Best Time: The Best Time to visit is October to March.

Festivals: It’s the most favourite and popular festival is Durga Puja which is celebrated in October. Other festivals which are also celebrated are Rathayatra, Dolyatra, Kali Puja, Laxmi Puja, Christmas etc.

Religion: Around 72.5% people are Hindus and 25.2% people are Muslims and remaining 2.3% people follows Christianity, Sikhism etc.


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