Farewell Letter to Employee (English LETTER WRITTING)

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Farewell Letter to Employee

Kjpworld Fairey Inc.
85/c, Exilent road,
silicon, Pune 411004

24th June 2019
Dear Jenny,

It has been 10 years since you joined Kjpworld Fairey Inc. And for these past years you have been a trusted and valued employee. As the face of our company, your interpersonal skills brought laurels to our company. Your hard work made a lot of difference.

You are a truly valued member of the Kjpworld Fairey Inc, and we all wish you the best in your retirement. It certainly is a loss for us as it is impossible to find an exact replacement. That is what makes you unique and all can say is that you have a happy retirement and best wishes for the future. If there is anything I can do for you don’t hesitate to ring me up.

Pawan bhardwaj
Kjpworld Fairey Inc.
Contact – 889065435

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