First Round Table Conference (1930-31)

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First Round Table Conference (1930-31)

First Round Table Conference

In mid-1930, the Simon Commission submitted its Report.

When did the First Round Table conference held? On 12th November, 1930 the British Government convened the first Round Table Conference in London under Ramsay Macdonald’s own chairmanship.

Did the Congress participated in the first conference? No, the First Round Table Conference was boycotted by the Congress. The other Indian members and representatives of the Indian Princes agreed that an Indian Federation including the Native States should be formed with a parliamentary system of Government. Dominion Status with the Cabinet from of executive based on collective responsibility was acceptable to the conference.

What happened after the first conference? Soon after, members of the Congress Working Committee who were in prison were released, when the Round Table Conference delegates arrived back in India. Tej Bahadur Sapru met Gandhiji and prevailed on him to meet Lord Irwin and negotiate a settlement in the name of the Congress.

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