Friendly Letter (English letter writting)

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Friendly Letter

Sandy Street 506
silicon, Pune 411004
June 21, 2019

Dear Jems s. Alvero,

It has been a long time since the last time I saw you. It has also been quite a while that I wrote to my Best Friend. Surely, you haven’t written to me as well. Busy Bee!!! On my part, I can say that I was doing a part-time job and studying at the same time. Now that my studies are over I can relax a bit (only for 2 weeks). The part-time job is to cover up for studies and expenses.

I spend my weekends at the beach. I have got a nice tan and you must have seen that in the pictures I sent you along with this letter. I didn’t do it intentionally it is just that I have been playing lots of volleyball, surfing and collecting seashells and that also in the sun, so you can imagine. I wish you were here and we would have lots of fun just like we used to during school days. I just cannot stop thinking about the time spent with you and doing all kinds of stuff.

I hope you are enjoying the summer too. As far as I remember you are having holidays too, so why not come to my place? There is the Beach, Sea, Sun and lots of other things to keep you busy and entertained. If not, how about a get-together of sorts? Just have a few ideas, I will post you about it when I write to you the next time.

Send me your latest Pics 😉

Your friend,
Pawan bhardwaj

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