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Frustration means disappointment. In modern strife torn world we find frustration almost in all people. There is hardly any man who is free from frustration. Frustration cripples a man. He is mentally defected and depressed. It kills him little by little. He cannot do anything. He stumbles in way of life. Though a frustrated man wants to do something, he cannot because frustration ruins his will power and ultimately he thinks that he may not attain success and reach his desired god. Life becomes dull and meaningless to hi. He loses all charms of life. Frustration may be of political, economic, domestic, judicial and social. At present the impact of frustration is found more among the unemployed educated youths. Frustration is a great mental disease. There is no medicine that can rid a man of frustration. Frustration gives birth too many social crimes such as killing, hijacking; drug addiction etc. people become frustrated when they do not get what they want. So ways and means should be found out to remove frustration.

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