Functions of Municipality in India

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Functions of Municipality in India

The Municipalities have been given enormous powers and functions:

1)   Obligatory functions;

2)   Discretionary functions and

3)   Functions delegated by the State Government.

The main functions of Municipality in India are:

  1. The construction, diversion, maintenance and improvement of streets, bridges, squares, gardens, tanks, ghats, wells, channels, drains, latrines and urinals;
  2. The watering and cleaning of streets;
  3. Lighting;
  4. Water-supply;
  5. Conservancy including sewage disposal;
  6. Acquiring, keeping and equipping of open spaces for public purposes;
  7. Planting and preservation of trees;
  8. Construction of dwelling houses;
  9. Maintenance and improvement of education;
  10. Construction and maintenance of hospitals, dispensaries, orphanages, maternity houses, dharmasalas, guest houses etc.;
  11. Promotion of vaccination;
  12. Prevention of the spread of dangerous diseases;
  13. Construction and maintenance of municipal markets and slaughter houses;
  14. Assistance to public libraries;
  15. Giving of relief in time of famine, scarcity or any other natural calamity;
  16. Urban Planning including town planning;
  17. Disposal of the dead animals or bodies;
  18. Establishment and maintenance of burial grounds;
  19. Implementation of the planning in the municipal area as a part of the district plans;
  20. Development etc;
  21. Regulation of slaughter houses and tanneries;
  22. Fire Services;
  23. Urban forestry and protection of the environment;
  24. Safeguarding the interest of the weaker section;
  25. Slum improvement and up-gradation;
  26. Promotion of urban amenities;
  27. Registration of births and deaths;
  28. Regulation of slaughter houses and tanneries;
  29. Adult education and non-formal education;
  30. Health and family planning;
  31. Welfare of SC and ST;
  32. Maintenance of municipal markets;
  33. Maintenance of monuments and historical places;
  34. Clearing Public Street and places; etc.

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