Garibi Hatao

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Garibi Hatao

‘Garibi Hatao” means ‘removal of poverty”. The Slogan of Garibi Hatao was first used by Indira Gandhi during the 1971 election. Later on, it was perhaps also used by other political leaders.

Operation of vicious circle of poverty causes Garibi.

Garibi (Poverty) still remains one of the major problems of India. The steps required for the removal of poverty in India are:

  1. Increase production in every sector of the country.
  2. Regularize infrastructural facilities.
  3. Jobs for all.
  4. Induction of professional, vocational and technical courses.
  5. Eradication of corruption.
  6. Strong and strict discipline in every walk of life.
  7. Food, cloth and shelter for all.
  8. Economic independence for women.
  9. Eradication of social evils.

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