Geography Social Sciences CBSE Class 10 Agriculture VBQ

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Geography Social Sciences CBSE Class 10 Agriculture VBQ

Q.1. Why the Indian fanners should grow more pulses ?
Ans. (i) India is the one of the largest consumer of pulses as these are the major source of protein in a vegetarian diet.
(ii) Pulses need less moisture and can survive even in dry conditions.
(iii) Pulses are leguminous crops as these help in restoring soil fertility by fixing nitrogen from the air.

Q.2. Which fibre crop is known as golden fibre ?s Why is the golden fibre losing its market ? Why the products produced from golden fibre be promoted ?
Ans. Jute is known as golden fibre. Jute products are loosing market because of high cost. Jute products should be promoted because these are eco-friendly.

Q.3. Explain any four factors which have hindered the pace of agricultural development in India.
Ans. (i) Overcrowding in agriculture : The real problem of Indian agriculture is that there are too many people who depend on agriculture. Since 1901, the proportion of people dependent on agriculture has almost remained constant, i.e., 70%.
(ii) Problem of inputs : Indian agriculture suffered because of the inadequacy of finance, seeds, fertilizers, marketing, transportation, etc.
(iii) Size of landholdings : The average size of holding in India is very low, less than 2 hectares or 5 acres. Not only agricultural holdings are small, but they are also fragmented. In certain parts of the country, plots of land have become so small that it is impossible to use modern machinery.
(iv) Over dependence on nature : In spite of the development of sources of irrigation, most of the farmers in large parts of the country still depend upon monsoon and natural fertility in order to carry on their agriculture.

Q.4. “The decline share of agriculture in the GDP is a matter of serious concern”. Explain. [CfiSE 2012]
Ans. (i) More than half the population of India’s work force is employed by the farm sector.
(ii) Any decline in the share of agriculture means low production of foodgrains this may lead to food shortage.
(iii) Any decline and stagnation in agriculture will lead to a decline in other spheres of the economy having wider implications for society.

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