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West Bengal Handicrafts

The Handicraft art of West Bengal is very rich. Diverse range of handicraft art works such as Clay Pottery, Kantha embroidery, Clay art, Wood art, Cane and Bamboo crafts are discussed below in brief:

1. Clay Pottery

The traditional folk art of Indian Clay Pottery, particularly of Bengal, is considered exceptional and best in the world.

The archaeological finds at Bengal have proved that the same degree of skill and excellence were achieved by Bengal potters too in those remote past days.

2. Kantha Embroidery

Bengal has an old tradition of Kantha embroidery. The Kantha Embroidery in Bengal is done on Shawls, sarees, coats, girdles in this way.

3.  Clay Dolls

The clay dolls and toys occupy an vital place in clay craft of India, particularly West Bengal. This craft can be grouped under numerous separate categories.

4. Terracotta Art

The artists of Bengal used these terracotta works for architectural purpose. Stones are not readily available in Bengal. These artists challenged this limitation and turned the alluvial soil of the lower Bengal basin into an object of art for architectural decoration of the temples.

5. Sholapith Craft

Sholapith craft decorations of past days have reappeared with trivial modifications to provide vividness and style in interior decoration and social ceremonies.

6. Wood Craft

The traditional craftsmen used wood, stone, earth and colour for painting as raw materials. They skillfully carved doors, door frames and brackets in palaces and temples.

6. Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts

Baskets of different kinds have significant place in Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts. Bamboo fans of different sorts are also common. Bamboo matting is the choice of modern people for decorating their houses.

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