Hard-work vs. Luck essay

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Hard-work vs. Luck

Introduction: Hard work means putting a lot of effort in to our projects. Luck means things happening by chance rather than through our own efforts.

Often, luck has a positive connotation, i.e. luck means something good that has happened to us seemingly by pure fortune rather than anything we actually did.

Luck and hard work can seem like opposites, but they often are linked more closely than you might think. Luck is the positive force that causes good things to happen in our lives. We do hard work to get desired results.

Hard work vs luck.

How are hard work and luck related? Below are a few ways in which hard work and luck can be compared and contrasted with each other.

  • We get opportunities because of luck. We work hard to convert those opportunities into realities.
  • Hard work can give us more of a sense of personal satisfaction. On the other hand, luck feels more like an unexpected gift.
  • Hard work can bring its own ‘luck’ in the form of unexpected benefits. Under such circumstances, hard work can make us feel lucky.
  • Sometimes, luck can advance us much further than hard work alone could. However, if we do not work hard, we might not be able to take full advantage of our luck.
  • It is said that, ‘luck favors them who works hard’. We should never think that we not need to work hard. Remember, working hard is pre-requisites for success.
  • We can feel lucky that we are able to work hard, too (for instance, lucky that we are not too ill to work).
  • Luck can make us feel that there is a divine power rewarding us. Such feeling or thoughts should be taken as positive suggestions to work hard.

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