Hazrat Muhammad

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Hazrat Muhammad

Propher Hazrat Muhammad (sm.) is the last and greatest prophet of Allah. He was born on august 29, 570 A. D. his father was Abdullah and mother was Bibi amina. His father had died before the prophet was born. He was truthful, humble and gentle. For discipline and peace in society he formed an organization named hilful fuzul. Because of his honesty people called him al Amin. The prophet (sm.) taught the people the virtue of forgiveness. He asked them to do well to others and worship Allah. After the revelation of the hole Quran prophet Hazrat Muhammad (sm.) began to preach Islam secretly. But the people of mecca did not like it and they tried to kill him. So, or the sake of religion he went to madina with his followers in 622 A.D. it is known as Hazrat. In 632 A.D. prophet hazar Muhammad (sm.) passed away. He was buried in madina.

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