Honesty is the best policy

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Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is a word that begets so much if good qualities in human character of head and heart. Nothing else pays so much as much as honesty does. It is a noble virtue; it also brings ringer reward to those who are honest. In this context Bahadur is the old bearer of Nurpur high school. Firstly, he was honest. He always spoke the truth. Perhaps the eggplants were beautiful. They drew his attention. He also stole the eggplants. Mr. Ahmed realized it. He asked him questions tactfully. It proved him to be dishonest. To the students he became a laughing stock. Suruj Ali, another caretaker, was very honest to the penny. He always took care of the mango orchard. He never tasted even a single one. At last it was proved. He was rewarded by his master for his honesty.

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